Insoles & Orthotic-Friendly Footwear

At PowerPlay Wellness, we know that every foot is different, and every activity requires a different style of support. Our multiple vendors, including Anodyne, Anatech, & Truform, help us to offer you a complete range of insoles and footwear to fulfill your needs. Whether you are on your feet all day, or looking for something to enhance your performance, our insoles and footwear offer you durability, comfort, design, and support. Take a moment to browse our vendors to get a full look at what we offer.

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  • ANODYNE “No. 39 Slipper Moc Toe- Women’s”

  • ANODYNE “No. 46 Sport Jogger- Men’s”

  • ANODYNE “No. 91 Casual Boot- Women’s”

  • ANODYNE Orthotic shoes “No. 11 Sport Trainer- Women’s”

  • ANODYNE Orthotic shoes “No. 22 Sport Runner – Men’s”

  • ANODYNE Orthotic shoes “No. 23 Sport Runner -Womens”

  • ANODYNE Orthotic shoes “No. 63 Casual Comfort Stretch- Women’s”

  • ANODYNE Orthotic shoes “No. 66 Casual Comfort Stretch- Men’s”

  • ANODYNE Orthotic shoes “No. 74 Sport Double Depth Men’s”

  • ANODYNE Orthotics “No. 34 Slipper Moc Toe- Mens”

  • Anodyne orthotics “No. 44 Trail Walker”

  • Anodyne Orthotics “No. 45 Sport Jogger”