Compression Socks

PowerPlay Wellness offers a wide range of compression socks from performance to medical grade socks that provide support and improve circulation and oxygen levels. We carry several brands including SockWell, Lunatik Athletiks, CSX, L&R, Venosan, Truform & Bauerfeind, Belsana(Germany) Surguin Healthcare Supplies. Take some time to browse some of our vendors to find the right style and fit for your needs. At PowerPlay Wellness, we understand medical grade 20-30 mmHg compression socks require proper sizing, so we strive to make your insurance claims efficient and smooth by providing proper sizing and instructions for use.

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  • CSX Compression Sport Socks

  • Lunatik Athletiks ” Pastel Pixel” 20-30mmHG

  • Lunatik Athletiks “Energetik Argyle” 20-30mmHG *retiring soon*

  • Lunatik Athletiks- “Lumber Jack” 20-30mmHG

  • Lunatik Athletiks- “Night Ryder” 20-30mmHG

  • Lunatik Athletiks- “Work it” 20-30mmHG

  • Sockwell “ELEVATION- Men’s”

  • Sockwell “ELEVATION- Women’s”

  • Sockwell “NEW LEAF- Womens”

  • Sockwell “Pulse Knee High Women’s”

  • Sockwell “Pulse OTC Men’s”

  • Sockwell “TWISTER- Women’s”